Free archiving service

اذا كنت تحتاج للمساعده تركيب موقع او سكربت او الشراء بالنيابه عنك اعلن هنا وتقبل تنفيذ الخدمه من الطرف الاخر ويجب عليك تامين اموالك من السرقه ويفضل التعامل وجها لوجه حفاظا على حقوقك
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Free archiving service

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We offer a service to archive your website in all search engines
There are two ways to deal with it
The first method is for free, which is to publish topics or advertisements on your site with this site. It is a stronger way than search guides because we will automatically publish links to your topics by crawling spiders to us without additional effort and it is possible to exchange topics between us and your site

The second method only costs 5 US dollars or 50 Egyptian pounds (for Egyptians).
We welcome all Arab brothers first
We welcome all friends around the world. We will re-publish this topic in English
This method will be a great effort by publishing your links in the search guides. For example, when adding your site to the site directory, we will not only add the link to your site, but instead of the name of your site, we will add the title of the topic and then the link of the topic, and this is repeated in the number of 20 search directories, but you must first add the topic And write to us to distinguish your membership and of course we can add more by agreement
We will also take care of adding your links in the sitemap, as well as sending them to global search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail

Thank you and hello to all
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